Test and measure for hire

Battery or AC Powered truly Portable

4 in./102 mm Colour LCD Display Picture Monitor

Waveform Monitor Vector scope Line Select Display

Audio Monitor Waveform-in-picture Mode

Video Output for Routing to External Display


Per Day $ 35   Per week $ 140

The Tektronix TSG95 video test signal generator provides 20 user-selected test signals in PAL mode and 16 in NTSC mode. 75% Colour Bars; 100% Colour Bars 75% Colour Bars over Red; 100% Colour Bars over Red Green, Blue and Red Fields, 100%, 50% and 0% Flat Fields, Multi-burst, 60% Reduced Line Sweep, Bounce, 5 Step (Grey Scale) Modulated 5 Step, Convergence, PLUGE, Matrix Square Wave, Safe Area


Per Day $ 35   Per week $ 140


Tektronix WFM-601 SDI digital wave form monitor two 270MB Serial Component Loop through Inputs, Real Time CRT Display Suitable for Live Monitoring Waveform Parade and Overlay Displays, Waveform Display in RGB or Y-Pb-Pr Levels, Bright Line Select Display, Component Vector Display, Tektronix Lightning, Bowtie and Diamond Displays, Picture Display of Y Channel, Identification of Embedded Audio Channels, RGB or Y-Pb-Pr Analogue Picture Monitor Outputs.


Switched 270MB Serial Component Picture Monitor output, Waveform Cursors and Markers, SMPTE RP-165 Digital Error Detection and Reporting, Tektronix Arrowhead Display of NTSC/PAL Gamut Limit, Nine User Front Panel Presets


Per Day $ 110   Per week $ 440



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