Audio cables & looms for hire

Audio looms


Audio wiring loom for stage or studio applications. 8 way loom


End 1: XLR 3-pole Female


End 2: XLR 3-pole Male


Standard 30cm "fly ends" Moulded plugs


For the connection of MONO or BALANCED MONO audio equipment

For interconnection of audio equipment used for stage and studio applications. Each channel is individually screened to reduce interference and "cross talk" while the durable and flexible "snake" allows easy and safe cable routing.


  15 mtr                                                                Per Day $ 20   Per week $ 80

    50 mtr                                                                Per Day $ 25   Per week $ 100

28 channel multi-core cable with stage. Features 24 XLR balanced send and 4 return channels. The signals are carried through the multi-core to 24 corresponding XLR(m) number coded connectors. There are 4x XLR(m) return outputs on the stage box marked A to D.


50 Mtrs                                                                 Per Day $ 55   Per week $220

Single audio cables


Our microphone cables feature thick conductors, a 'braided' ground shield and premium Neutrik AG connectors. The braided shield provides optimal rejection from RFI and EMI interference but somewhat limits flexibility in the cable


5 mtr                                                                       Per Day $ 5  Per week $ 20

15 mtr                                                                      Per Day $ 7   Per week $ 28

This cable is suitable for splitting a single microphone/line signal into 2 separate signals. Male to 2 x female/ Female to 2 x male available


Per Day $ 5   Per week $ 20



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